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Lois Chan-Pedley 陳尚文

Green School Board Trustee for District 39 - Vancouver. Student of nonviolent communication, swordplay, social justice, and parenthood. Superstar problem-solver, web developer, wundermother.

Unceded Coast Salish territories

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Back to school & A note on mental health

If you spoke to me earlier in the summer I may have told you that my mental health was in bad shape. I struggle with depression and was suicidal in May and June. I was very lucky to 1) have access to professional help, and 2) recognise from my past experience that I needed it. I'm in better shape now. I'm a little worried for the change in routines and schedules, as that's often what throws me off. It's a reminder for me to be extra gentle with my kids as well. Change is hard, and it brings up emotions that they're not yet capable of working through on their own. Teachers are usually more in tune with this, I think. My children and their emotions

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Communication & Collaboration (EFI Hudson & LRFP Related)

There's a perception that trustees make decisions in the board room in isolation; we only read reports and see spreadsheets, and if only we knew how important such and such a thing were (or if only we cared) we would make decisions that aligned with the results they're asking for.

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