Lois is a superstar problem solver, web developer, wundermother, and local politician. She was elected to the Vancouver School Board in the 2018 civic elections with the Green Party of Vancouver. She does all this in Vancouver, on unceded traditional Coast Salish territories belonging to the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsleil-Waututh, alongside her husband, two boys, and a dog. When she's not writing about school board things, this space chronicles her adventures in owning a small tech business, being a Chinese woman, general geekdom, and parenthood.

Me in tofino

Lois enjoys a variety of privileges: she is cis and thin, in a hetero marriage with a supportive extended hetero family, and was not the first to earn a post-secondary degree. She reaps benefits from being a model minority. She tries her best to be a good feminist and a good ally, but please kick her in the shins for a privilege check when needed.