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Green School Board Trustee for District 39 - Vancouver. Student of nonviolent communication, swordplay, social justice, and parenthood. Superstar problem-solver, web developer, wundermother.

Unceded Coast Salish territories

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Board Meeting #2

On December 17, we held our second "real" open board meeting and the last of 2018. The McGee Chamber Choir opened our evening with two carols and a song about mental health and suicide. I don't think there were many dry eyes after that performance. The trustees had the opportunity to address two emergent issues during the meeting. Both are related to the safety. The first was around the safety of elementary school students, which was where Trustee Cho asked for a review of safety procedures in our schools. It was passed unanimously and the staff will be reporting on the topic in February, preliminarily, and more fully by April. The second was regarding a student at one of our secondary schools creating and

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Board Meeting #1

There was a board meeting on November 26th, which was the first one where we had discussion and motions of substance. Trustee Allan Wong sprung a motion on us -- which was a timely one, so not holding that against him -- but we did spend a fair bit of time debating wording, which brought me right back to the days I spent in the student council chambers with SUS. The motion itself was not controversial. It was to direct the board to get in touch with the province on the Cavell issue, essentially. The meat of the wording had to do with what exactly we are being directed to do, and while I'm not sure it will affect the actual conversation we have, it's good

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