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Communication & Collaboration (EFI Hudson & LRFP Related)

There's a perception that trustees make decisions in the board room in isolation; we only read reports and see spreadsheets, and if only we knew how important such and such a thing were (or if only we cared) we would make decisions that aligned with the results they're asking for.

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Cohousing Project Update

A friend told me it's been close to a year since my last update on the Little Mountain Cohousing project, sent via barely-coherent email a handful of hours past my bed time. The email back in February 2016 read: "We are now going full-steam ahead." Which, when it comes to working with the city and developing land, is still swimming through molasses. Since land acquisition, we've had many design meetings with the architects to discuss Vancouver architecture style and cohousing philosophy—check out the renderings!—and are in the process of getting our land rezoned and our design approved. This will take approximately another year. Then construction begins, and that will take about a year and a half. We also had an inaugural communal

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Community Building With Intention

I write here about some key parts to making our community of landowners (hah) thrive. In particular, these are valuable pieces that could be used in building (or repairing) rapport in a business setting, or any community gathering where trust is needed. I'll get the self-sorting factors out of the way: as we chose co-living as a philosophy, our politics are already similar; and to be able to afford market housing in Vancouver, we have to have a good base of material wealth. We are the sort who is willing and able to put our money where our mouth is—pretty uniformly upper-middle-class progressives. To build on our shared values, we conduct business in a way that encourages strong member-to-member and member-to-group connections. Check-in and Check-out

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Communities & Echo Chambers

This fellow here talks about how we didn't see Brexit coming: It's similarly applicable to how we won't see Trump coming, buoyed by the hope that Trudeau's sunny ways will stem the tide of extremism. Our generation's greatest failing is how little emotional discomfort we allot ourselves. We streamline our relationships to "what brings us joy" and unfriend those who disagree with our political posts on facebook. We tend to talk only to the people who agree with us, despite, sometimes, living and working in close proximity to those who don't. More and more, we tend to choose to live and work with only those who agree with us. I'm part of a community of people who are building a house together. We've been

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