At a GM of Little Mountain Cohousing last Sunday, during project updates (move-in date is still in 2020! [happy dance]), the Construction Focus Group responded to some questions about building quality (mostly sent in by Mr Fishtron). After CF addressed the questions at hand, I asked CF about the process: "there have been a lot of back and forth emails and chats – is that working? I know Mr Fishtron pushed for answers. Is there a point when folks should stop pushing?"

The delightful answer I got from the CF members was: "No, it's fine. Keep pushing and we'll talk through it until everyone's happy. Also, getting beers and going for hikes to talk is really great."*

Right away I felt really reassured that any concerns I had, that I felt strongly enough to bring forward, would be heard. I think most of my concerns melted away at that point. I'd forgotten that this is possible. At VSB we can't promise flexibility like that at scale; we have to have defined processes and deadlines for submissions and so on. We've set boundaries to help set expectations and manage work load.

*Mind you, there are times when we have to cut off discussions at LMC due to external limitations, but this wasn't one of them.