I may still write a bit about my personal NVC adventures (because those are interesting to me) but I'll try to also write more about why certain decisions are made (because those are interesting to you). I can't guarantee that any of this will be satisfactory to anyone, least of all myself, but I hope that it will at least give some insight into this convoluted, often opaque box that is the office of your public officials.

For the curious, no, I don't actually have an office, though I do get access to a lounge (very posh) and also a filing cabinet that I will be sharing with my fellow Trustees. Trustees used to have even more filing cabinets, but there was a push to be paper-less (as in "less than" and not "totally without") and so Trustees now get standard issue iPads.

I have a steep learning curve ahead of me and I look forward to being sworn in on Monday, November 5th, so I can really get into the meat of things.