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The Downside of Empathy

This Invisibilia podcast talks about all manners of how humans & other matter are entangled with each other. Spoiler: human brains are wired to be empathetic. But what does that really mean? The study of the physiological component of empathy is not a radical new thing. The term "mirror neurons" debuted in modern psychology over a decade ago. It's a complex phenomenon that we still only know very little about, but the ultra-quick response time point to something "involuntary and automatic"—meaning, empathetic connection is something so core to being human that we cannot turn it off, and it's not a calculated gesture. But there's a limitation. You can only offer what you know. When Fin started crying during the last Tragically

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When Women Stopped Coding

Hats off to Daisie for sharing this podcast: When Women Stopped Coding I'm one of those lucky gals who had a software engineering father. He brought home computers to tinker with and we had internet dial-up as soon as it was available—way before any of my friends had computers. While I don't think my dad's particularly feminist, he's definitely pro-Fishtron and I'm so glad he and I took apart and put together computers together and read comic books in our free time. I'm conflicted about our toy selection at home. The rugrats being male, the toys that come into our lives tend to be trucks and cars and trains, with the occasional dinosaur. They each have stuffies that I strongly promote—and we make skirts

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