–– writes:

School boards in Coquitlam , Burnaby, Surrey have organized on line teaching and learning for they students.
So did Third world countries all around the Globe.
Why VSB did not start on line teaching?
Individual teachers efforts are not enough !!!
If you are not capable of doing this you should resign and let someone do it...
This is unacceptable.
You let our kids down and this is going to have long time consequences.

Lois writes:

Dear ––,

It’s been one of VSB’s priority to be a part of a team response with the City of Vancouver and the Province of BC to ensure the safety and health of all citizens. In terms of district work, we have put much effort into ensuring the health and safety of staff, students and the general public (see the closing of school playgrounds and parks on school land). We have many schools sites requiring cleaning and many unions with whom to coordinate the work. There are also 3000+ vulnerable children who relies on us for their daily nutrition - I’m sure you’ve seen the work our staff has done for our food program. Also, the district is providing childcare for essential service workers so doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters and members of the police can go to work knowing their children are safely taken care of.

In terms of education, which is our mandate: Vancouver is a very diverse district with around 50,000 students. Not all students have access to the internet or devices at home and we must work to make sure everyone can access education.

District staff is working behind the scenes with principals and VPs, who are working with teachers, on many aspects of schooling. Remember, there is much schooling that can be done without a computer. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. If only you could see how our staff is working around the clock to make this happen.

More details about continuing education (likely with some online components) will come very soon - high schoolers are at the top priority right now, then comes the intermediate and primary students. Are you a parent at one of our schools? I hope you have been in touch with your children’s teachers. If you need more assistance please let me know and I’ll see how I can help.

District and school-based staff are doing everything they can to help mitigate the long term consequences of COVID-19. We will be feeling the effects of our actions and decisions today for many, many years, in the economy, in the widening inequities of society, in the mental health of citizens, and in how we relate to our neighbours, friends, loved ones and strangers. The provincial government is offering some assistance but we are all in uncharted territory and we have much further to go. Thanks for reaching out to better understand what the district is doing.

Stay safe,

Lois Chan-Pedley