Secretary Treasurer David Green was referring to my amendment to increase funding for a librarian mentor, which he and Chair Janet Fraser and Superintendent Suzanne Hoffman determined was out of order per se because I'd previously voted against a substantially similar motion. He accidentally said "trustee mentor" instead.

JF: "you mean a librarian mentor"

DG: "yes. What did I say?"

JF: "a trustee mentor"

DG: "well you need one of those too"

Me: I am dead

In the end they determined that the proper order was for me to propose a reconsideration motion, which was defeated. Robert's rules fun.

Including the time in private meeting, by that time trustees and staff were in hour 5 of meetings. After the budget discussion we voted to recess the meeting and reconvene tonight so we could have more time for discussion on the LRFP recommendations and motions.