I have a longer entry in the works, but I realise I haven't posted in a while so here's a filler.

6:00-6:45 - I'm up some time in this range. Often I'll meditate. I try to make a point of not touching a device until I have my coffee. Put on kettle and other morning things. Check my to-do list and try not to look at my inbox.

7:15-9:15am - Get kids fed, dressed, and taken to school. Sometimes I eat breakfast? We're often late when I'm in charge (sorry teachers).

9:15am - Walk the dog.

9:45am - 2:45pm - Work on client work (I'm an IT consultant), go to meetings, run errands. School visits fit in here and they are wonderful. I've been trying to fit some swordplay or yoga in the work week but it hasn't happened yet. Health or vet appointments would go here too.

3:00pm - Pick up kids from school. Playground if it's nice out, library or home if it's not. A couple days a week my husbo or my mum pick up and I get a bit of an extended work day, but lately due to road conditions and my husband's increasing workload I'm still the main pickup. I envisioned more playdates earlier in the year, but I also find that I enjoy spending time with the kids, so I selfishly hoard a bit of their after school hours just for myself.

Evenings are a mishmash of my meetings, my husband's meetings, gym/run nights, and occasional visits with friends or family. On a typical Monday or Wednesday, my husbo gets home right as I need to leave for meetings. If I'm on the top of my game, dinner will be on the stove and ready for them, but sometimes I also just tell them it's take-out night on mummy as I'm running out the door. On average I get to sit down for dinner with my whole family once a week.

Most nights I get into bed at around 10. If meetings run late I've been known to get into bed at 11, 11:30pm. Typically, after an evening meeting, it takes me some time to mentally wind-down and get to sleep, even if I'm physically exhausted. Sometimes I meditate; I find that metta meditation works best for me at night -- if I can't slow down my monkey brain, at least I can direct it towards loving and compassion rather than worry.